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So not that long ago I remember I couldn’t even look in the mirror something happened (I’m not so comfortable shearing it )and more than half of my friends stoped talking to me they were judging me from the side my two best friends didn’t care about me sometimes when I was walking in the back of them I stoped and waited till they notice that I’m gone and actually they had to call me after like 10 minutes after I stoped talking to them because they argued,I always get bullied people told me like to kill myself and more,because of my insecurities I started wearing make up since I was 12 because people were making fun of me now I’m happy because I found someone that actually loves me and he makes me happy every day but one thing he doesn’t understand is why do I put makeup all the time and why do I always want to look good I’m trying to explain that when you start from wanting to kill yourself it’s very hard to rehabilitate and it’s a slow process so I hope is your scared to write about something don’t be it really helps you