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so i started at a new school this year and i surprisingly made a friend we’ve grown close over the few months i’ve known her. (i’m a lesbian this will be relevant later) i was open to her abt my sexuality so she wouldn’t feel uncomfortable in the future bc she told me she was straight. over the course of our friendship she’s “accidentally” sent me nudes on multiple occasions while she was still with her ex. there’s always been a bit of tension between us but neither of us acknowledged it bc she is “straight” and had a bf. her ex broke up with her a little over a month ago and she’s gotten much more clingy towards me. the other night we ended up talking about what kind of people we liked in a relationship and she ended up telling me she liked me and wanted to kiss me etc but didn’t want to get into a relationship yet. i told her i wasn’t sure how i felt and it needed time. i do like her but i’m also scared she’s just using me bc she’s lonely. ofc i wanna be there for her but i don’t wanna start something that will break me in the end. she’s always said she’s “extremely straight” but “i’m the first girl she’s liked so she’s still straight” of course she’s allowed to fall under any label she likes but i’m scared to go further with her if she’s not going to take it seriously or end up leaving me in the end. i’m not sure am i overreacting? of course not everyone likes to fall under a label and such but it makes me a bit uncomfortable that she doesn’t seem to see a future with me like that and i don’t want to let myself get attached to someone who will leave me in the end.idk

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You should really ask about what she really feels about you. If she just wants to be with you because she's feeling lonely or she's genuinely wanna be with you.

Like what you just said, it might end up hurting you or probably both of you.

You're not overreacting, you're just worried about yourself and your friendship. You guys might end your friendship because of it.

Talk to her, like serious-talk. Make her tell the truth. She's probably confused right now so talk to her if she's ready. I don't know if what I'm saying make sense but I try.

To be honest, I've never had a relationship. But yeah I'm still 14 so... I can just be single. I'm just sharing you my thoughts about your article.

I'm not saying that you should do what I've said but I'm just suggesting hehe :> I'm not very familiar with making decision in a relationship so me suggesting is a not so very good idea, so I might as well talking nonsense here don't mind me lmao.

Sincerely yours,