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I feel trapped. Like everyone has a spot in life and I’m stuck. Maybe I missed something an opening to a better life but I missed it. And what if I never find one again, what if I’m stuck like this forever, forever in pain and misery, I just want it to stop I just want to close my eyes and leave, fly away from this place and never come back I just want to stop everything I can’t take it anymore I’m too weak, I don’t know what I did to make all this happen but I can’t handle it and I give up. Please please help me give me a sign that better things are coming I really need it, if I don’t get one soon I won’t Be able to hold on any longer.

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Everyone feels like they are trapped. But sometimes you need to see it from different endings and starts too. Like there are so many people who say that destiny happens and all but since childhood we had so many choices and in career too we get so many choices. There is no ending but just new beginnings. And for something to begin, something has to end too.... There is always a way to start something afresh. We can't decide our birth or death but we can decide how do we want to spend the time in between. There are a lot of pain and misery in this world. And this year has been a lit cruel to so many people too. Some lost their lives, some their loved once, some their homes. But they will still stand up. If their destiny wanted them to die why were they even alive. And no one can give you happiness in this world other than yourself. Never expect from anyone. This is the prime rule. If you will think that people will adjust, then they won't. You have to show your loyalty to everything whether it is a person or a thing you do. If you care for something, that thing is bound to care for you too. Keep trying until it is bound to give what you want.