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It’s hard 

Sometimes I still except you to coming running

You never failed 

You were the first thing to greet me on the way out the door

We had our routine

Sitting outside for hours loving you 

You never had the chance to grow up

Seven days away from a year 

The bouts of sadness hitting unexpected 

Crying till my throat is raw 

Keep it in, shut others out

It shouldn’t hurt this much 

There’s an empty space in my heart

There is so much hurting 

I don’t want to forget you but I fear I will

I never want to replace you 

For nothin could 

I want to be strong enough to say no

No to anyone else

It hurts to much 

Please come back 

I love you

Your short life wasn’t enough 

I am a perfect actor 

Nobody knows anything is wrong 

The nights filled by crying have started again 

It doesn’t seem real

I don’t want to believe it 

Why did you have to go

I’m sorry that I let you down 

There is an empty spot by my side 

It will never be filled 

I have found my perfect match

You were perfect 

I love you 

It hurts