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You probably already know about corpse husband. I Stan him no I don’t have a celebrity crush I always found those strange. Just the amount of hate he’s been getting has been making me sad cause he seems like such a nice and genuine person and his videos make me happy and he doesn’t deserve this. It kills me to know that now people will try to cancel you for no reason and I was ranting to my friend about this and she blocked me...the reason the amount of hate he is reviving affects me is because he makes me feel like although I may have gone through stuff that I can still be a good person. So many people blame the stupid things they do on mental illnesses and he doesn’t. He makes me believe that I can be a great amazing person...that I can be normal. I don’t know who to tell I have therapy but I only talk to them once a week. I feel trapped and sad but at the same time sad and empty.