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I really hate myself. I have nobody. I’m slowly losing my mind. I tried to stay strong all these years but all I got was a kick into my face. I barely see my parents nor siblings. I cannot leave since I love my parents and I would ruin their world. I can‘t get help. I live in constant fear, anger and anxiety and I have the feeling nobody takes it serious.

I‘m lonely. I‘m not even sure why I’m saying this. Probably will regret this.

needed to let it out.

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Can’t say everything will be ok but stay strong... I know how you feel, I feel like that constantly too. Just try keep yourself busy with things you love doing , and just don’t care about what people say. If u don’t care it doesn’t hurt anymore

Hope this helps u even a little bit .. also get a small diary that can fit in your pocket and keep it with you all the time for when u need to let things out