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from a young age I lived with distant family because my mother struggled with drug use, she got better when I was about five but it got worse when I was eight. It started off slowly as I would go spend the night with my friend and she wouldn’t come back to get me, she wouldn’t pick me up or she wouldn’t even take me to school and slowly that became worse and worse. My friends mom took me, my younger sister and my elder sister in. I feel so thankful for her becoming my family, but at the same time her caring for two of her own children and three other kids was hard for her. She now has a very sad outlook look on life and most likely has depression. I can’t help but feel as though I cause her that pain due to my mother not being there for her family, I moved out two years ago and while she is better than she used to be she is still sad. I feel like I was a burden to her