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i am someone who loveesss to eat, but i have been losing weight due to appetite loss.. i have been dealing with it for months already and that made my body appeared more boney.. it made me realise that i have live in a body where i am no comfortable.. where even sitting/ lying down is no longer comfortable for me.. due to my appetite loss, i have been forgetting to eat a lot.. that is why my weight had been going down excessively..

today, i had a slice of bread and ramen for lunch, and im quite proud of myself tbh.. eventhough it was hard for me to eat.. but i think thats a really good process on becoming me again

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2 months ago

Re: :)

and yes, im guessing this is due to my mental health.. so if any of you had been dealing with any mental disorder, please dont skip your meal of the day and talk it out to someone! you matter hun! your life, your health, you becoming you matter.. i love you ❤️✨ xx (remember there are still a lot of people out there that would love to help you, dont go begging to someone who cant and wont..)