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when i was younger, i had this crush and everything was alright... we had a little party and this girl i invited was there.... i asked her to watch him so he doesn't overdose while i went to the bathroom. when i came out she was raping him... i went in between them and pushed her off but he grabbed me and saw that his pants were down. i was mad at what was going on and right away she started blaming me. and so i said lets take a lie detector, the day we were gonna take the lie detector they stole it and met up later, after taking a few more tests we found that the test they stole was rigged so we were like "aww motherfucka" and so we were gonna go tell him and they were having sex.... i didn't wanna bother showing him all the evidence so i went for a walk.. i ended up getting stolen and so i couldn't show him. years later they tortured me because they still think i did it.... i don't wanna do this anymore..