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I want to say to my best friend the truth , that I want to commit suicide rn , and I feel like I am going to but I don’t know what to say to her , she maybe will see this but yeh , if she doesn’t then I wish her the best life and if anyone hurts her I will never ever forgive them 💔stay safe my girl ::; I love you beautiful ❤️Don’t ever give up guys :( no matter what : ps make sure the person you love is in a good place

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Hey , I read your reply :( thanks whoever you are :(((( appreciate me and it’s acc saved me tbh thanks a lot 🥺we need more people like you :) coz ur a really kind person so thankyou and the same goes to you never give up !!! Keep on pushing urself and fighting through everything in life coz it will always have a bright side after a dark side

PLEASE DONT. what ever your are going through will come to an end, please trust me in this. if you end this now you wont be able to walk down that aisle you wont be able to hold your first born, you wont be able to step into your newly bought house , have a soul mate , travel places with nothing but a backpack and most importantly to be proud of the strong person you will grow up to be. i beleive in you and i trust that you make such a hasty decision, please dont let me down. i believe you will have the most beautiful future. please keep fighting your inner demons because i know you are going to win. live life to the fullest and there is so much more for you to see and live. i believe in you and i love you.ill be keeping you in my prayers. :) love SD