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It's very important to me the person I kill actually deserves to die. Else that would be injustice. But oh boy, those that do I want to give them the worst time of their lives. I also hate my parents a lot though they probably dont deserve to die. Once they get old i am gonna lock them outside the house stark naked. And I am gonna laugh at them from the roof. I'd do anything to humiliate my parents even if it means harming myself. They are racists and horrible people. My mother is a sycophant and a slut who married my abusive father for his status/money. That's the same as a prostitute spreading her legs right. Although I dont want my sister to die, I'd be laughing at my parents' faces if she commits suicide. Just so that they understand what a big fucking failure they are. Once in my life I am definitely going to shame my parents. Hope they live a long shameful life after that. Amen.