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I am so lonely

I can't tell them how lonely I was. My self is slowly drifting to the past and I can't get out

I wish someone could guide me. I wish someone could tell me all the red flags

i wis I could cry on someone's arms. i couldn't even to myself

I wish I could escape reality

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2 months ago

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Yeah I feel like that at times.

You just feel empty and angry... but at the same time, longing for others. I have practically no friends, and the one or two I do have seem fed up with me. I am desperate to meet new people, but the only new people I seem to ever meet are online and it's just not the same.

I am also so lonely, and I don't think rona-19 is helping our cause very much. But trust me, as lonely as it gets, it is not worth ending your life over it. How do u expect to find friends that way? There will be a time to meet new people and I'm sure we won't be lonely forever, as the only ones that are lonely forever, are the ones that choose to be. All we gotta do is wait, and as the old saying goes, good things come to those who do.