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Im just gonna say a bunch of stuff thats been in my mind.

Im in highschool and I just don’t know what to do anymore. I have no motivation to do my school work. The only reason im still doing this is because of my parents. Im failing my classes...I can’t even focus anymore.

There’s no point of going anymore. Im so dumb. I can’t even do math. I regret not asking for help when I was in elementary and middle school. I wish I was smarter.

Im gonna lose my fucking mind I swear to god.

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Asking for help doesn't end in elementary or middle school. There are still people out there that can help. Just ask around. I helped my son when he was having trouble in high school and it brought us closer. There are people out there that will be happy to help you. The one thing to keep in mind is that the goal of learning math in high school isn't really to learn math, it's to learn how to learn. Most of what they teach you is stuff you'll never use again, but learning how to learn is the thing because in the future you'll be learning things that aren't things yet. 30 years ago, no one was posting on a site like this because there really wasn't an Internet to post on. When I was in school, I did all my calculations with a slide rule because there were no calculators or personal computers. Learning how to learn is the goal and there are people that will be happy to help, you just have to ask.

Yeah, I agree w/ the 1st responder. Most of what is taught, you'll honestly never use. If you discover you wanna go into a trade, you can always prep for the type of math it will require. I was kinda lucky in HS in that a "Career Math" class was offered as an elective so I took it. It was cool though talkin about math for electricity/electronics circuitry/audio / Radio TV,(no computers....in 75...LOL) math you'd need for plumbing, carpentry. I recommend something like that if its available?Oh Oh. I remember one more thing from HS... Alpha Centuri is 4.4 light yrs from earth...OK , give me my diploma..LOL..Hell, the only reason I gradjitated was having 5 band credits and 4 VOC AG credits..LOL...But dont quit, buckle down ,do the best ya can, just so ya can have a diploma and goda gradjitation. You'll be going thru an old chest, 45 yrs from now, your folks kept all your junk in and find that cap & gown thinkin ... Why the hell didnt I quit?..This is BS... NO, just teasin..LOL. You'll be glad ya went.LOL. What DO ya have motivation to do? Whats your passion? Have one yet? .. If not , its cool. I have 3-4 friends from HS on FB that didnt know what they were gonna do till around 22-23. One went into Horticulture, the other developed a passion for building boats, another went to work for the railroad at 23 I think he may be retired now but still doin some kinda work with trains. Passion! hopefully you'll discover yours, if ya havent already. Still actively persuing mine at 60! As long as theres a young person around, I know how to use a smart phone so I doesnt needs no more skewlin.LOL...Make sure your gettin PLENTY of vitamin D thru the winter months. Wouldnt hurt to take a good dose of B6/ Zinc/ Ester C in combo to calm that brain down alittle, sleep better, improve concentration.. Read up on it! Other vitamins/ amino acids can help w/ anxiety, and get the positive cheemeecals like seritonin/ dopamine boosted as well.