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Lately I've been feeling really under the weather. I would get anxious for absolutely NO reason, i would start to shake a lot and my chest tightens. I don't know what's up with me but i want to somehow stop it. My temper has become very easy to trigger and i get easily irritated, i'm like a ticking time bomb and i hate it. I've also been very unmotivated and i don't feel very happy with doing things i enjoyed doing back then. I'm not like this a few weeks ago, i was actually very calm and collected, positive, and full of ideas. I have no idea why i suddenly felt this way. Talking to people, both online and irl, seems to be a hard task for me now. My body would go cold and i'd start shaking and overthinking. I mean, i'm already awkward from the start but i wouldn't get THIS nervous before. I want to talk about this issue to my friends and parents, but i don't think i'm worth their time and i'm too afraid of being a burden to them. So whoever reads this, thank you for listening. I appreciate it.