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I tried to commit suicide A few weeks ago with pills and ended up throwing it up and was just water and pills in the barf because I’m not eating .that’s it just had to tell someone

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Knock knock..can I enter your life?..and how are you doing?..haha..I just wanted to text these first 2 lines but It seems like i have to text atleast 300 characters..so, I'm gonna ask, what went wrong ? Wanna know little more about what's going on in your life..hope you are doing ok now.. everything will be alright.. suicide is never an option..don't ever think about ending your life..at the moment, you might feel like you cant bear the pain anymore and that's the only way to escape..but life is not only about pain and sorrow..it also has a beautiful side..if you cant find it try to create it..❀️

hey... you might wanna share your story here so that even if you dont wanna share your thoughts to someone you can just post anonymously here and you can talk to us without any hesitation.. i guess we all feel this kinda way when we want to share our story to the world but at the same time we fear not being understood completely, the fear of judgment.. so you can write here it will definitely help you with the heaviness.. but you should try to talk to a someone. be it your family, partner, friend, teacher , it could be anyone who you think will understand you.. and life has so much to offer, look at the bright side even if most of you can see is darkness... dont give up yet.... have faith, everything's gonna be fine soon, you'll be happy again :) and please share your story, letting your heart out definitely will ease your pain a bit :) ο»Ώ