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3 years ago I slept with my maths teacher for better grades I was 15 iam now 18 (43 him )and we are engaged and iam having his baby but he doesn’t know I want to break up and iam cheating on him with his 19 year old son he’s not related to me so it’s ok but I don’t want to have his child so iam going to have the baby leave it with him and run away with his son is this ok It is MY life after all and i only done it for grades

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leaving the baby with him is a bad idea, the baby needs a mother. it will be really saddening to know your mother ran off and left you with only a father the worst part is this man slept with you when you were a minor ( which is bad ) and he might us the child as a sex toy considering he has the guts to sleep with a child when he is forty

my advice is find a good family for the child that has a mother a father and children so she does not feel lonely and yes abandon the man and go off with his son he is the proper age for you

Run away dear as you should be happy in your life. Live your life with someone you love, not with someone who used you to fulfill his dirty needs.

Be happy with that pervert's son and never come back to you ex-maths teacher