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hi , this is my story ..when I was 3 my parents got a divorce my dad soon found a girlfriend with 2 older boys . we were all friends and played together .until I was 8 ...my 15 year old step brother began to sexually assault me ..he used to say we were all playing hide and seek and then take me somewhere and assaulted me he would stick his fingers inside me while I refused and cried until he covered my mouth. one time he hid me in the wardrobe and he stuck himself inside me so hard I felt pain I was bleeding everywhere , i ran to the bathroom in tears,pain and covered in blood i didnt know what to do i cleaned myself up and went downstairs for tea like nothing happened ,another time he took of my bra and pants and the rest of clothing and held me down naked at10 and he got his penis out of his pants as he urged it in to my young vagina I told him no but he continued after doing that for about 30 minutes he decided to lick my vagina and every other innocent place on my body he then went back changed my position and stuck his impatient penis into my pain throbbing vagina this went on for about an hour changing my position continuously. every Tuesday night and weekend when I was there he would come into my room and proceed to take my clothing off ,to turn on the lights,and to cover my mouth the he would remove his clothing and take his erected penis and jab inside my harmless vagina I plead for it to stop however he proceeded making me bleed to then lick my innocent body .it got to the point were he made a whole in my pajama bottoms and onesie so he could sit next to me and do it ,it carried on like this until I was 12 I've never told anyone I want to tell my mum so much but I just cant I dont see my dad at the moment for other reasons