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Sup yall so one night I looked at my grades and it said I had a "D" and "C" for Math and Science and I obvs didn't want my parents to see but my asshole of a brother decided to show them so when he did my mom called me into her room and she sounded like angry when she asked me why I had those grades I couldn't really answer cause I was terrified asf of her because one small mistake and she explodes so she grabbed my hair and kept grabbing it up and down, left to right and called me a "disappointment" and a "failure" repeatedly, she took my phone and I can't use my laptop anymore (I'm only allowed to use it for schoolwork) so she showed my Dad my grades when he arrived so he too scolded me and well I went to my room and cried and well I fell asleep so this morning (My parents always tell me to go to their room once you wake up for some reason.) and I wanted to get them back and tried not to make it obvious well when I finished taking a shower my mom stood at the door and screamed at me on why I didn't and stuff like that, ik this really isn't that big of a problem but I just need to vent since for the past 12 years of my life I've kept everything to myself and I couldn't tell anyone about it.