(1). I’m tired of living with the abusers that mistreats me improperly anyhow on purpose *PLEASE HELP ME*

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I live with abusers evil family members that constantly scolds, hits, forces my clothes off, uses my tuition money, takes away and destroying my personal belongings

They dont allow me to wear undergarments nor let me get important things for myself

anything that they buys they take that item away from me

They keep using me like a object constantly uses me

I can’t trust authorities 100% they kills people and won’t believe my story leaving the scene endangering my life while staying with the abusers

The shelters don’t answer their email *I have proof*

I would need someone who’s trustworthy and cooperative “willing” to help by being my witness, help me gather evidence of the allegations, and help drive here when I’m in crisis to leave

the1100superm @gmail.com