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i don’t know where to start i mean i’m struggling i am struggling so much and i don’t know how to ask for help i don’t want to seem like a burden to anyone nor do i want to inflict any kind of stress to anyone i’m only 14 and i am so close to ending my life again i attempted over 8 times in these past months and i don’t know what to do i’m going to intensive therapy almost everyday i’m doing all the right things but there is no change i’m trying to be patient but i don’t know how much longer i can handle this i wish i didn’t feel this way maybe i would be able to do normal things like hang out with friends and family but i can’t do anything right anything good that comes into my life i always find a way to ruin it i just want one person to love i have so so so much love to give and i just want someone to share that same affection with me i don’t even care if it’s just as friends or as a couple i just want someone i can’t fight alone

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