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11th grade math for a middle schooler

I am a 13 old, but i am stuck doing highschool geometry because everyone thinks i am smart. Its going to dissappoint everyone once i have to retake it cause we are only a month in, and im lost. My parents have me in all super advanced classes, and im struggling a lot. We are also actually going to school in a week, so i get 0 breaks. I have 2 baby siblings i constantly have to take care of, and im stressed.

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Re: 11th grade math for a middle schooler

if there's anyone who's not pushing you to do this that you could be telling about this, then you should. this isn't right, you shouldn't have this much pressure put on you.

but if that doesn't work and you fail, that'll be alright in the end too. you'll recover, and the people around you will understand that it was wrong of them to put all that weight on you that you couldn't handle.