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this feeling of loneliness never seems to leave me, my life is going good right now there's nothing i should be sad about but I constantly feel forgotten, out of place, alone, I have a supportive family so and nice stuff I really have no reason to complain but I can't help but feel this empty feeling inside of me. I mean we all feel like we have an empty hole inside of us begging to be filled but that will never happen; i mean you can't have one without the other can't have light with out dark, can't have day without night, can't have happy without sad, can't have life without death and can't have peace with out pain and I believe the life is the pain and death is the peace we're given after enduring this pain which is neither bad or good I believe the universe is neutral there is not good or bad. I sometimes wonder why I had to have been brought into this life just to watch myself fail and die. slowly losing my mind and soul wondering if maybe we really are alone in this universe, the chances of us being the only intelligent life in our universe is slim but not 0, what if all those messages we're sending out are reaching no one just empty space and the universe is just waiting for us to kill ourselves off