15 And Pregnant

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I’m 15 years old and I’m 15 weeks pregnant. My belly is getting big and my parents don’t know. I don’t know what to do.

Me and my boyfriend though that it would be a good idea to meet up and go on a walk. We ended up having unprotected sex in a field in the middle of nowhere. I thought nothing of it because we’d had unprotected sex a few times and nothing ever happened.

Over the next few weeks, I felt really ill and puked a few times. I just thought I had caught an illness or something. I told my boyfriend and he freaked out and told me that I might be pregnant. Shops were closed due to Covid 19 so I couldn’t buy a pregnancy test or anything. I spent a few weeks in denial. I decided that I really needed to know so I ordered a test online and tracked the parcel so my parents wouldn’t find out or anything. I took the test and it was positive.

My boyfriend knows and is loosing his shit. We are not ready for any of this.

I’m quite a skinny person but my belly is becoming really noticeable.

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