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15 And Pregnant

I’m 15 years old and I’m 15 weeks pregnant. My belly is getting big and my parents don’t know. I don’t know what to do.

Me and my boyfriend though that it would be a good idea to meet up and go on a walk. We ended up having unprotected sex in a field in the middle of nowhere. I thought nothing of it because we’d had unprotected sex a few times and nothing ever happened.

Over the next few weeks, I felt really ill and puked a few times. I just thought I had caught an illness or something. I told my boyfriend and he freaked out and told me that I might be pregnant. Shops were closed due to Covid 19 so I couldn’t buy a pregnancy test or anything. I spent a few weeks in denial. I decided that I really needed to know so I ordered a test online and tracked the parcel so my parents wouldn’t find out or anything. I took the test and it was positive.

My boyfriend knows and is loosing his shit. We are not ready for any of this.

I’m quite a skinny person but my belly is becoming really noticeable.

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Re: 15 And Pregnant

Hi anon! I’m so sorry for what happened to you, this is your consequences, but you need to face what you have done ok? Do not kill your own child. That is a blessing, soon your parents are gonna accept it and nothing to do but you did the wrong thing, i hope this serves as a lesson to u ok? Godbless and to ur future baby :))

How many months is it? If you can you should go to a hospital for a health check and do an abortion

You shoul ask yourself and you bf:

- Will he marry you?

- Can you guys have enough time and money for raising a child? In this covid 19 time?

- When your belly becomes bigger you will be sick and hurt a lot. Do you have anyone take care of you?

Bearing a child is not easy, so make sure to think clearly now and make an abortion as soon as you can. Prenancy can make you feeling stress and weak everyday

About the first reply, it's wrong too. You're wrong when having without protection so you should go to hospital for a health check and have an arbotion too.

There's no way to use a child yo "serve you a lesson" like the first rep said to you. You want to destroy yourself or a child's life? Don't do that. You can only keep the child uf you have money and time gor it, a family to support you, your boyfriends will take care for you. If you don't have those, you shouldn't bear a child any longer

Number one thing is talking to your parents. Yes they may freak, and may seem very hard for you to do. However, this is in your best interest.

You should also try to talk to the father's parents or at least have your parents talk to him

Another option is emailing your school counselor.

You should not let fear nor embarrassment to cause you to hide this matter. It seems like a safe-gate plan but it will not workout in the future. Better to have them know now and have a plan now rather than it happening all of a sudden.

Also, at 15 weeks, the baby is in the fetal stage, hence abortion is not the route to go.

God bless and you are strong!

Honestly getting an abortion is alot safer than having a child at your age.

also having a child is something that should be well planned for.

please dont listen to any bible thumpers that say you have to allow the fetus to develop.

I can imagine the enormous pressure you must feel right now, but its your body and your choice. Even if the world is screaming no, do whatever is best for your wellbeing, both mental and physical.

this happened to a friend of mine, only she was twelve. We were in the south at the time and her parents were very religious. Although her doctor recommended and abortion, her parents refuse and 7 months later her son was born.

she was a wreck and never fully recovered from it. Shes 20 now and doesn't talk to her family anymore. She still loathes the fact she had a child so young.

and while she loves him, She still harbors some leftover anger and has told me she wishes she never had him.

She is still really depressed, and is working two jobs to support herself.

i have alot of love and respect for her. But if this is something you don't want, get an abortion.

Go ahead and have that baby. You had unprotected sex in a field because you don’t own your own home and you don’t earn enough money to find some place to fuck. That baby is going to need medical attention, food, nappies, a stroller, a bed to sleeping, and his own room when he grows up. And don’t you dare leave him with his grandparents and run off into the sunset to go hang out in the club with your homies.

I really hope that you will use this time of gestation to take care of the foetus that is growing in your body, stay in school and get an education so that you can get a job and feed your child when he comes out of your body. It’s all on you. If you think that boy is going to shell out money he doesn’t have and give up his screen privileges at this young age you have got another think coming. That is your baby and it’s 100% yours and you had better look after him.

I also suspect that you watched one of those reality shows where girls under 16 are pregnant - they earn lots of money because they had a camera following them around and you thought you were going to get a big pay day. Except your boyfriend didn’t know what you were planning.

Don’t keep the pregnancy to yourself - go to a doctor and make sure that you get the proper prenatal care. If you are fertile and you have unprotected sex with a fertile male you were going to get pregnant. You knew that so either you’re an IDIOT or you’re very much wanting to get pregnant because you wanted to be on TV. Your boyfriend is like most men on the planet. They don’t like having protected sex and they will do it anywhere at any time because they have no fucking self control. It doesn’t get any better after this. They’re all like this and it doesn’t matter how old they are. Also your boyfriend is guilty of statutory weight because you are 15 years old so he’s going to jail.

That is probably why he’s freaking out. He was also responsible if he didn’t want a child and he had unprotected sex with you.

Men are so dumb. I don’t feel sorry for anyone of them when shit hits them in the fucking fan. Good luck out there mummy.

It is normal to be afraid in such a situation. It's a really tough situation.

Sweetheart, first of all you have to decide what do you want? Can you make your dreams real with that baby? If you have the baby and you can't make real your dreams will you gonna blame your child? Or if you go for an abortion can you deal with this decision for the rest of your life? And what does baby daddy wants?

Think about these questions and talk with your parents. I mean they're probably gonna be mad about it, but still... You're their child and they're gonna be angry because they're thinking about your future.

And never ever forget that you're the one who is gonna live with that decision.

I hope you'll find to the what's best for you.

Really fucking gross how some of y'all are reacting to this. Stop trying to control women and their bodies.

The only person whose opinions matter is OP, and i know this is stressful. Either way you should get on birth control asap after the fetus thing is resolved.

Also i heard ground ginger can make you miscarry, as well as extreme exercise and being in hot water.

Best of luck child, be smart and get an abortion.

Well I don't think they're "trying to control women and their bodies.". She came here for advices and I saw some good advices here. If you try to think someone's advices as "control" then you don'r need to ask anymore when you're having problems

This girl is still young, she doesn't know what to do

Firsr of all, think about "reality". There's an answer has good questions. Because having a child in 9 months is a hard job. You need to have your health check and safe place to rest, to eat and to be taken care. Prenancy will make you stress and sick. If your health is not ok it will be hard when the birth comes

You're skinny, so you need to have people around to take care of you. Is your house wealthy? And youe boyfriend, he's still there with you?

If you can you should talk to your parents about this. If you can not then you should talk to the doctor after checking your health. They will tell you what will happen if you keep the child or abort it.

But if your condition is no good, you haven't prepare to bear a chikd and take care of him/her, you should have an abortion

Because my family is having an newborn child here so I know how hard it is. Thinking about reality and your future