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it's been 6 days since we last talked. 21 days since i saw you for the last time. it's weird, thinking that it would be the last time i would see you while still being yours. part of me is happy that it happened the way it did, me leaving to my hometown with an "i love you" and a goodbye kiss, and that being the last memory i have of you. another part of me is frustrated at you leaving me without an explanation.

you hurt me in the worst way. why was i not enough for you? after everything we did together, after all the kisses we shared, all the nights we spent together, all the dreams about our future together, all the conversations about us growing old together, why would you go look for everything i offered somewhere else?

its been 6 days and i still have nightmares. i wake up sobbing because you're constantly inside my head. i hate you. i hate it. you're not with me anymore yet you're still here. this is not fair to me.

how can you be okay with losing someone you swore you loved with your entire heart?

i thought we were soulmates. i loved you so much. and i hate the fact that i still do. i'm not strong enough for this. i'm never going to forget you, am i?