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I remember that year fondly. I had just turned 18 years old. Looking back now, I realize that was the best year of my life. I only wish I could live it again. I remember the Winter and how cold it was walking from my friend and neighbors house. The smell of the cold, crisp, Winter air. I remember being cold enough to where it made my back hurt. As I walked in the front door of my house, it was warm and it smelled good in there. I also remember Summer. Having deep feelings for a guy who did not return those feelings for me. We were friends though. That was good enough for me. That Summer I remember us walking to the Cliffs. I don't ever remember being afraid of anything because I was there with you. You always made me smile. As much as it hurt though to see you with a friend of ours I had to put on a fake smile. I still have pictures of you. I think about you quite often. I don't think anyone I have been in a relationship before has ever made me feel the same way I always felt when I was around you. Even just a simple phone call from you that day just made everything fall into place. I think about how we would go to the Mall like every Friday or Saturday night. The way you're hair looked. Your eyes, a beautiful blue green. 1997 I miss you. I love you. I always will.