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2 degrees separation from a trump supporter

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I cut off my cousin and her chud husband years ago, before I knew his leanings towards fascism (And yes I know exactly what that means, unlike a trumper). I'm sure my brother is friends with one out in bum fuck virginia as well. With that said, I keep to myself in recent years so my chances of dealing with one have always been low.

The first way republicans fucked us was with the education system. They knew they were only going to win with dumb people everywhere.

Nelson Rockefeller today would seem like a democrat, thats how ridiculous they are now.

The electoral college did its job in 2016, it overvalued rural southern voters, it does this every time. The only way a dem can win is by a landslide. It’s like the south secretly won the civil war. And Biden winning can never fix the damage trump caused. They used BLM, refugees, Nazi era propaganda and gay panic to tap into and twist some real problems and rejuvenate their gullible twit base and it worked ten fold.