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2 friends with benifits

Im currently having sex with two of my friends. One of them has a boyfriend. Idk what to do. I like them both and i dont want to give up either of them. But eventually me and her will have to stop being together because her boyfriend will find out. Also, she claims that shes straight but im a girl. And the guy im having sex with has serious mental health issues and im scared that if i leave him he will kill himself.

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Re: 2 friends with benifits

You need to be single. What if he gives her a STD and you eat it? Have you ever thought of that? What if he flips and hurts you. He obviously sounds mental. Youre in a pickle my dear. Sounds like you would be better off single. There is too much going around to be double dipping. If you get something dont you want to know where it came from?