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Something inside of me tells me you love me, but then you treat me like everyone else. I miss you so much and i wish you were here although it's good that you traveled to continue your studies and to give me a break because you were becoming toxic for me. I love you so much... i would literally die for you but you can't see it or can you?...

Meanwhile there is this amazing guy that loves me so much and treats me so well. but i keep playing him because i can't get over you... i just can't

To compensate for your absence i keep on talking to other guys that i have zero interest in just to forget about you... and leaving them once i realize that i can't stay with them. and this hurts, it hurts me to realize that i am hurting people just because i can't have you.

i wish i can tell you this... but i don't think i'll ever can

One day you'll call me and tell me that you got yourself a girlfriend and i hope that by then i would've moved on.

I love you

your neighbor