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20.11.20 1:25 am About love

Trying to sleep, not tired at all and my thoughts start rushing in

Oh those thoughts are only full of one person

I miss you

I think about how we used to be

Your messages, your phone calls, you voice that changed when you talk to me..

You eyes, your smile

I miss you

I want you to remember me and talk to me again .. I want your strength again

But I can't do anything about it

It hurts, trying my best not to shed any tear

I have to forget and move on

I have to kill every feeling I left and erase all the memories we shared

I have to untie the bond we had .. had

Why does it have to be only me

My heart squeezes for every happy memory .. but they hurt now, they're painful and not happy at all

I miss you, I'm so sad

I miss you, goodbye

I love you

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2 months ago

Re: 20.11.20 1:25 am About love

So beautifully written and it brings back my memories with that person where i had to do the same thing, forget every memory i had with the, really this is so good.