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2017&2018 the Samoan

i met a young man after the marine he was Samoan amusing,sweet,charming,respectful,patient,understanding ,stubborn like me we would get together at the end of the day after my college courses he was fascinated by me and my logic he showered me with words out of just terms of endearment i would share what i expected and how i wished men to treat me we never went out on a date but there was one occasion i never forgot the feeling of those robust hands caressed against my backside a kiss on the lips on a cold winter season the warmth of his skin against my body was the best feeling it opened me emotionally more...i still remained friends with him he is sincer genuine as any other person i know hard worker determined

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Re: 2017&2018 the Samoan

I sex with over 200 beautiful women. The greatest moment in my sex life wasnt sex. It’s the first time I held my future wives hands. Love is something amazing.

Sadly many loved me; but I only ever loved her. She divorced me. I’m 60. I married in college. I miss her every moment. We are still best friends.

Love hurts. But better to have love & been loved than to have never love.

Now I know how one poor lady felt. She loved me so much. Her dad begged me to marry her. For two yrs she kept calling & asking about me.

It broke my heart. I’m a gentleman. I yelled at her. Mocked her. Told her I’d used her. (In reality I refused sex with her. If I felt a woman respected herself & I might one day want to marry her I’d never sleep with her). Made her cry. But she moved on. I hate I had to pretend. She was wonderful; but I didn’t love her.