2019 depressing visit to estrange toxic family members house

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if you don't comprehend my situation then obviously you have not lived in my shoes or been down the road i been. I don't need someone to be smart mouth saying i never been down any road when how do you bloody know? i said it last year an got smart mouthed by some smug POLAK who had no respect for my entire situation last year by not even by his son in law an his other daughter who did the work on the sewing room prior to my extended depressing visit to there cold house. imagine being told to your face that maybe you should have brought more cloths when do i look like i own 1,000 pairs of sleepwear i also don't need somebody telling me that i don't need a lot of cloths i did not go shopping routinely unless someone was chauffeuring me someplace there was also barley any food in there refrigerator for me to dine on to gain weight and mange it only time we went out was on two occasions i would pull out a scale to monitor my weight to see how far i was getting to reach 158lbs which was my focal point to get fuller i was reaching 148lbs which was really good almost close to getting there then i came back to the old cold home where i did not want to return.