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I have been financially struggling for nearly 4 years now. I live in a place that has no furniture and I am always struggling to pay the bills. I have too much financial responsibilities and too many people that expect so much of me.

I can't deal this this pain anymore, I am not living i am just surviving day after day, night after night. All I do is work and cry myself to sleep.

I see no hope for the future, I lie to myself constantly that it will get better. But here we are day 3 of the new year and I have 22$ to my name, and nearly 5000$ loan i owe to the bank. I dont even have money to pay my bills this month.

I can't live like this anymore. Everyone's life is moving on, getting better and I am just stuck. My life is just stuck. I hate myself I hate my life. I just want one break, one lousy break.

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