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Days passed passed and i couldnt help but check on him,leave messages for him .Sometimes he was unresponsive and didnt reply .I felt bad .And then days came when we started studying together .I Was dependent on him for accountability .now i think i wasted too much of his time ,bothered him with all my stupid problems ,was clingy and jokingly called him names which he didnt like .he is self sufficient .i am the needy one .he has big ambitions and is hardworking .i am confused and need to figure out things for myself .need to start a new life .I am having a hard time accepting this that i should leave him alone .i should .leave him alone for yourself and his well being .he doesnt need you .you needed him but no more be self sufficient find other ways for accountability.if needed delete 2 accounts and make a new one and start fresh .it will take some time for a change but will be worth it