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25yrsold lives with hoarders

in the year 2019 i cleaned up the hoarded messes when no one appreciated anything i did out of the generosity of my time i got weary of being verbally,emotionally and mentally abused by two senior individuals who did nothing but manipulate everything i did and made it sound like something-terrible or criminal. I labeled and put everything neatly away to a capital T I made sure everything was were it belonged while the old hag and her old goat would undo everything I did the old hag constantly would tell bits a pieces of what was really transpiring in the hoarded up house. a couple of my estrange toxic family members came by in January to lay out the flooring it took them a two days to get it done and then they cease making there stops to work on any more projects. the two hoarded have continued to do nothing the house stays the same as usual i got manipulated within this year for everything the old hags husband stated in a manipulative context of words (well i guess you dont want the floor done your the one stopping us from getting anything done) i said too the old goat the only one stopping themselves from working on the entire house is you two not me