3 little pig a wolf and a hunter story.

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There was 3 little pigs and a wolf with a hunter hiding in the forest.
The first one build a house, but blow it herself by throwing fuel all over the walls and smoking in bed.
The second pig build a house but had a long term relation with a wolf, and wanted to keep living with him
The third pig found a hunter, and was interested to live in his house, she was also a friend with the wolf.

So I'm guessing this is the end of the story right? The hunter can be friend with that wolf again... Cause I've heard that hunter doesn't have much people.

Does the little pigs are going to give trouble again? Or they have a plan of their on, and want to have more time?
Cause by what the hunter is stalking, everybody is friend with the wolf. Except the hunter, because of the pigs.