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3 whole months...

It all started in middle school. i thought i had caught the flu. my symptoms started off pretty normal. but it was lasting months. we kept seeing doctors and they said “Take this it’ll go away!” nothing worked. this went on for 3 months. (i was still doing normal activities though) one day i had a soccer game i was so exited but right before we left everything got worse. i started dripping sweat, had a horrible headache, my joints got too weak to move, i couldnt breath, and my stomach felt like it had exploded. i collapsed. i then yelled “I DONT WANNA GO I FEEL HORRIBLE!” my dad said i was fine. so i did what any person would do in my situation, i called my mom. she let me stay home. my parents thought i had appendixitus. i got so bad that we had to go to the hospital right away. we got there and i could barely stand. i was rushed into a “room” to get tests done. they didnt know for a while. a few days later i woke up in a diffrent room. the first thing i heard was “what she has now will last her whole life.” i pretended to go back to sleep. now i still have that aching pain in my stomach 24/7.