33 and alone (2)

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To whoever you are who replied to my first entry, Hi! (w/ a smile)

I was surprised at how long your response was and I was a bit confused with some of the lines you said, sorry. hahahah! but yeah...I was smiling throughout.

Now where was I...Okay, so...about what you said to me not being a big fat loser, well, thank you, it means a lot. lol! You're 27 and I guess you've had so much experiences than I ever did in my 33 years of existence. Alright, so I'll continue my story...

After realizing that I was the girl in blue, my heart was never the same again. I could not explain how happy my heart was after that incident. I did have many encounters with him but it was all wasted. We moved to another place and was not able to see him like I used to. I thought I would forget about him but my feeling for him just grew fonder.

So...what happened was after high school, I saw him again. We went to the same university. I then, I know it's crazy, but I took his number from my brother's phone and started texting him. It lasted for a good few months. I was on cloud nine every time we texted. Everything just felt so right. I was this anonymous text mate he had. I know it sounds creepy, but what we shared in those few months of being friends as text mates were I'd say, one of the best things in my 33 years of existence. He was unbelievably nice and I could not even comprehend how beautiful it was, even if it was just for a brief moment. He was there and he entertained my lonely heart. It was nothing crazy, we just talked about life, small, harmless, pure innocent things. How can someone be so nice to someone whom they don't even know. I felt guilty about what I did. I didn't wanna need him coz I knew, from the start that I really couldn't have him. (I have my's complicated) But yeah... It was magical...

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