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33 and alone

Hi! To start of, I'm not that sad. I mean, I am sad but not like melancholic depressive type of sad. I'm now 33 and still single, virgin, never been kissed and desperately longing for love like in the movies. Yeah, I know. I feel like a big fat loser. Reality sucks for me.

Anyway, I've been in love with the same man since elementary. He's now a doctor, has a girlfriend and happily living his life. Meanwhile, here I am, still crushing over him. I think he knows of my existence. He is my brother's friend and he used to be in our neighborhood, he visited his cousins who happened to be our neighbor and that's how I knew of him.

It was one sunny afternoon. I guess I was what? like 8 or 9? Yeah I know, too young to be in love, huh?hahaha! That was stupid but yeah, I fell in LOVE! Sounds like a joke to me even. He as that cute kid with his cousin were just right in front of us, the girls and I in the neighborhood. So... we were teasing this pretty girl, which is not me, to him or to the cousin. I was young and was just playing along with the teasing and all, when suddenly, he said, he liked the girl in blue shirt. I don't know how I remember this but that's how I remember it. It's amazing how I actually remember these things. Okay, so, to continue... I was stunned like the teasing was pointed at me. All the girls were like looking at me and yes! Yes! Yes! I was the girl in BLUE!

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Re: 33 and alone

33 and alone....Not surprising at all....Would fill a few pages in my new book LIFE IN THE 21ST CENTURY. Entry's from ppl , just your AGE would likely fill the whole book come to think of it? AHHH 1987,good mems for sure. Coulda held ya in the palm of my 27 yr old hand..LOL..Ironically included the best two yrs of my love life's most romanantic connection to date. Wish I could take ya back and let ya be a young adult in the 80s. I could pretty much garnTEE being single would be totally a choice, and certainly you woulda been kissed LONG before then. and being a Virgin woulda been highly unlikely,but still admirable being that you survived the temptations the 70s love song era brought about to every teen life. Guess what Im tryin to say is YOUR not the "big fat loser" Reading the rest of your story tells me at 8-9, your heart was already a flutter and ready to do business.Its also ironic that "My YR Mark", I speak about all the time, is 95 that begins the start of the HUMAN being taking outta human"being". Gosh, after hangin here acouple months, its kinda bittersweet readin the many articles of young ladys, like yourself, who still long to live out the great romantic , fairly tail like, love scenes we've seen in our FAV movies (mostly in the 20th). Yeah, I keep imploring young ppl to get out to the state parks/forests and become invovled in the MANY activities available like nature walks, disc golf,volley ball, biking/hiking trails,which a few have clubs/foundations to join. I hang out at one particular park to practice music and their attendence and participation in programs offered, hit a record HIGH this yr and Ive gotten to meet ALOT of young ppl, who Im normally never around,become friends w/ a few now, I likely would have never met in normal 21st C living.

OK....Lets get back to this "is it love" at 8 or 9 yrs?. Well?, not sure if "adults" would call it that but???..LOL.. I sure would!..In 4th grade, there was a lil blonde girl, slight taller than I,who ambushed me at the gym water fountain, planting a KISS on my jaw, pretty darn close to Z pie hole, then RAN like a scolded dog..LOL OMG! this strange NEW "stirring" started occurring (hey I rhymed..LOL) and I was instantly smitten!..Alittle scared UNTIL......Ms Lane thought I had kissed HER and said "OK loverboy, lets get back in line"..LOL..My confidence shot thru the roof as I did not DENY her accusation..LOL.. and she was too sheepish to claim the victory. I got called "Romeo" by another teacher , who heard of this kissing ocassion, and this VERY shy awkward 4th grader sported a new name now..LOL....I wish so bad your generation could have grow up as innocently as I did, BUT... Like I say, Ive seen a few hookups occurr from the "chance meetings" taking place at the parks/forests of ppl your age this yr so?.... I have hope for ya girl that your find the love your longing for!...Anyway, saw your post up early this morning, thought Id holler at ya and share abit with ya. Thanks for sharing, your story took me back to that 4th grd incident I hadnt thought of in YRS.