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40 Year Old Will F**k 22 Year Old

I’m 22 and have really much addition towards porn and sex. Watching excessive porn has resulted in changed behavior – now I feel like gays. I’m struggling to rid of those sex thoughts and fantasies. I have convinced a 40 year old man to f**k me in Delhi. I will stay at his home as a tenant. Any Advise?

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Re: 40 Year Old Will F**k 22 Year Old

Is he married?? Single??

As long as he's not married I guess...

We all have some fantasies...

But be careful, don't let him take any videos please, check the mirrors and use condom.

Oh and check his background, I mean he should not be a creep or something, you know what I mean...

Yes he said he's married. I still don't know much about him. But I’ve to be really careful while doing that. I’ll be living in his home from the next month. I have told him to use Condom and take care of privacy. He seems reliable but I let see what happens. Thanks for your advice

I just wanna ask one thing just curious why gay people always talk about sex and all do they dont care about love do you not have person who you can love why sex why not making love and hes married do you even understand what you are saying what about his wife what she will do after finding all this cant you find a person who is not committed who is not a cheater and all