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8th Graders

Looking for feedback on my poem

8th Graders are a collection of differences. 


Some are as prickly as the spikes on a cactus, 

Others are sweet like marshmallows 

Some are sensitive like the petals of a flower, 

Others are rough like rocks 


Some are artsy 

Some are sporty 

Some are spontaneous 

Some are calculated 


We want to be doctors 

We want to be lawyers 

We want to be singers 

We want to be engineers 


But while we’re as contrasting 

As the stars against the midnight sky, 

We all strive for a better world, 

To make a difference that’s everlasting 


8th Graders are a collection of differences... 

Except for one thing, 

We’re the leaders of a new world 

One built on better principles