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6 months ago

A Goodbye

He never said goodbye, he never left to begin with, he stayed there ..

To skip a year and half, eventually he said goodbye and that was it he was gone..

Nothing else

He wasn't the type to express his feelings..

But ever since we broke up, I waited for him to say something, to tell me it hurts to tell me he missed me to tell my he still loves me .. I waited for him to ask if I'm doing okay and whether I cry too much (he knows I do)

I waited for anything from him

To be angry at me, to ask me why did you have to end it I loved you, I waited for him to tell me I never want you to be far away from me.. and I waited for him to get angry that someone else used me and made me feel low and horrible about myself..

I waited for him to tell me anything

To tell me I wish it wasn't like this, to say I wish it was different ..

But he never did..

We broke up over a year and a half ago, I remember the date, the day and exactly what happened and what led me to say it and how the day went by.. and he never ever even called again, or sent me a message I miss you not even drunk msgs, never agreed to call never accidentally sent I love you baby..

It was over for him just like that and he forgot about me..

It took him few weeks to forget and it took him few seconds to say I don't feel that way anymore and I don't wanna feel like that again.. few seconds to break my heart..

Leaving me hurt, in pain, constantly crying and feeling so low and not good enough to be truly loved ..

I know you loved me but what can't you still do like I love you..