Am I depressed ?

I'm mad. I don't know i just feel like ending my self or start hurting myself. There is no exact reason why I'm feeling like this. I feel like my life is full of misery and melancholy. I'm not even sure if i can tell that i'm depressed. One day I'm completely fine going on with my work stressed up, but then every day i feel lost, bare. I don't have anyone to share my feelings with. My parents.. Ugh they are so annoying. They expect me to do this while I'm in this condition. I don't blame them for asking me to do things which I'm supposed to do.. but then it's not fair to yell at me each and every time when I do a silly mistake. There is a way to convey each and everything. They could just sit and talk or tell slowly so that i wouldn't get hurt. When I try to explain this they just argue. It feels worse you know?