An actual story about me.

Hi, I go by Ace, I'm a young kid that struggles with everything. I don't know yet if I have anxiety or depression. But it's still a struggle. I have many scars and cuts from self harm. I do it, because I'm just in mental pain. It's not the type of small stress, it's more as having panic attacks 5 times a day. I always think of killing myself, with a knife or a noose. It's something, you know? There's a virus around, and thinking about killing myself now, I think, "will my friends even know?" It's hard going through this at these times. I'm in the lgbtq+ community, and it's so hard when people think you're a freak. I know not a lot of people will see this, but I'm ok with that. It's just how life is. I know there's so many things happening that I should be worrying about. But I can't carry on with this weight. I'm actually in 6th grade only, but my classmates just make rude comments about me. And the people I call friends, they'll come to me for anwers, but when I go to them, it's like they just can't spare a single second. Like a time where one of them told me how her foot was hurting. I told her I didn't know what to do, and she needs to get an adults help. She just said, "Fine I won't go to you for help then." I'm done with people being so petty. I try and try, but all that happens is I get nothing. I just wanna be tried with warmth. But all that I'll get are weird looks from my classmates, and terrible comments. And there's this one thing that my classmates love to do to piss me off. I'm a little over average, so they'll just pinch my stomach. And whenever I have a panic attack, I'll pull my hair and smack my head. It makes me sound crazy, but it's ok. I'm a people pleaser, and that means that I'll put people before my needs, that's just a habit of mine. I don't know if it's a good or bad habit. But it's just a type of habit.