Being Depressed in orthodox society

I am depressed, broken and tired. There are really great reasons behind feeling so. I need help. But I live in a very conventional and orthodox society that thinks that if you go to a psychiatrist for help, you have surely gone mad! How can I make them understand that depression and madness are not the same? My family thinks that if I go to the therapist, people will get to know that and nobody will marry me in future, even my sibling will not get married just because of me. I can not understand this society. Being a teenager, I can not do anything hiding from my parents and relatives. I know, that I will be a self-sufficient, working woman when I will grow up but still this patriarchy and orthodox mentality is not letting me to be honest with myself. I am an introvert person having a very few friends who are also introverts. Even they think that they too need help but their parents are not letting them have proper treatment. What to do now!