BF Troubles

My boyfriend has no time management skills and it’s the main problem in our relationship. We both work full time and our hours conflict ( I work as a receptionist from normally 8-7, and he’s a bartender that normally works 5-11). We don’t live together, we actually live about 30 minutes away from each other, and we barely see each other during the week considering when I’m going to sleep for work the next day he’s just getting home. So the only quality time we have is the weekend, and recently he’s been hanging out with friends, etc on the weekend. This week at his work a large group is out with covid, and he’s basically been working double time. This sun and mon are the only two days we’d have together and he just informed me that him and his mom are going to Boston for two days. On one hand I understand that he also needs to make time for friends and family, but on the other hand this time and distance is taking its toll and honestly I just miss him a lot. And the worst part is he doesn’t even think about making time for me, he just impulsively makes plans and forgets about me. Sometimes he gets mad at me when I don’t want to come over on a work day, but most work days when I come over we have at most three hours together before I have to go to bed. There just doesn’t feel like a way to win, neither of us is happy with the situation.

Even worse (I know I know I’m dramatic) is that we both work full time but we’re both too broke to get our own place together. We’re in debt, and other expenses always come up (car broke down, Christmas or birthdays, etc) it’s just thoroughly fucking depressive that the main problem we have is through external things like making time with our schedules. I’m just exhausted