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7 months ago

Big Jet Plane

I don't know where to start or how much of this is real or how much is made up I just need to talk to somebody I feel like hurting this specific person I spend all day fantasizing about breaking in murdering their dogs tying them up and humiliating them

When it's not that it's going to their family's apartment and hurting their family. I've started to get help but at the moment I can't afford a therapist anymore and that makes me even more upset because this person used to manipulate me for money. I'm losing my grip on things little things are setting me off very quickly my responses to things are completely disproportionate and I hate that my family has to deal with me being an asshole when it's this person who should be dealing with my ugliness.

I don't want to hate this person , I don't even want to think about them anymore.

I actually really like dogs it's not like me to hurt animals or people.