i m calm

i m peaceful

i love everything around me

i just want to radiate positive vibes

the life has some purpose

i dont want to let go

i am smart

i am lucky

yes i am lucky enough to fullfill my limited desire.

my desires are very limited

which can just give me energy to move forward

i dont know i just want to live alone

its not like i dont like others

but i know one everyone at some point time

no matter what u do for them

they will definitely hurt u.

actually i am happy alone

some one else's presence will not

help me to carve out what is inside me.

i want to know my true potential

i want to move forward

i will walk but i ll not stop

sometimes i may just creep still wont stop.

i want to feel my every breath

i want to thank god for every moment

god has send me for some purpose

literally i am not lonely

but i prefer to be alone

i dont let my ego to dominate my true potential

i just want to learn the things very happily.

thanku god

for such a nice life