Confession to my ex

So i have something to talk about and it is taking alot for me to say this so plz dont make fun of me or laugh it off like its nothing. I dont expect anything out of you but i just wanted to get my feelings out there. Im tired of bottling it up inside me, ive been doing that for over a year now.

I know we started off as something casual cuz we had good chemistry, we didnt really put alot of thought into it and went w the flow.

I never thought that losing you would affect me so much. When i got to know that you're moving away, i was like, its alright. I've only known him for two months, i can easily move on.

A few weeks after you went away, i thought that id moved on. But i was far from it. There hasn't been one week in the last one year when i haven't missed you. Even though we didnt talk for months at an end, id think of you everytime i was utterly sad and helpless. All i needed was a hug from you. I seriously started jumping everytime you called me or texted me, thats how happy i was just to talk to you.

No amount of making out or going on dates w other people will ever replace the happiness i felt when i was w you. Believe me when i say this, i have met a lot of people in the last year and they have been total gems. But even when i was w them, i was always thinking about how it wouldve been better had i been w you instead of them.

I have nevee in my life fely this way aboyt anyone. This is the first time that its it's happening and idk what to do.

At this point of time ik its not possible to be in a relationship or whatever but id like to meet you more often. Go out and have a good time. Talk a bit more, like we used to. We were amazing together and i think you'll agree w me on ghis. Please lets give us another shot.