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5 months ago

daddy issues

my dad died when i was months old and i grew up having my older brothers in and out of my life. when i was about 10 my brother went to prison and that gave me a lot of anxiety worrying about him and also i had someone who was like my brother in the hospital so i was constantly worrying about him too. and my other older brother was getting in trouble. but once that all ended (even tho some of it is still happening). but now someone who raised me and is like my father is verbally abusive and it feels like i have to walk on eggshells around him and it feels like i can’t tell him anything and when i do he blames it all on me and says it’s all my fault. i feel really bad for my little brother too because he has to go thru it all too and i just don’t want him to go through the things i go through and feel the way i do.